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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To complete all the different tests, you will be at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute for approximately 2 hours. Please keep this in mind if you drive in for your appointment.

If you agree to have a blood sample taken, the tests will look at your fasting blood glucose and fasting blood insulin. You also need to be fasting for one of the cardiology tests so that we can get an accurate reading. You can still drink water and we recommend that you have 2-3 glasses before you come in.

We ask that you refrain from smoking for at least 6 hours before you come in. Cigarettes will interfere with the results of your respiratory testing and will not give an accurate result.

We ask that you refrain from having coffee, energy drinks or alcohol for at least 6 hours before you come in. Caffeine and alcohol will interfere with the results of your cardiology and blood tests and will not give an accurate result.

You do not have to undress for any of these tests. We recommend that you wear comfortable light clothing, preferably not a dress as we need to place ECG dots (stickers) onto your hips. It will also help if you can roll up your sleeves easily if you are to have your blood taken. 

We will be looking at the methylation of your DNA (a process called epigenetics). Methylation is when a small group of molecules sit on top of your DNA and control how your genes work. It can be thought of as the body’s way of being able to switch a gene ‘on’ and ‘off’. Influences on a developing baby in pregnancy, such as ART, smoking or diet, can change whether these molecules will be added or removed from your DNA. We are interested to see how often these changes occur.

**Please note – we do not do genetic testing where we look for individual genes that may lead to diseases, such as breast cancers (BRCA) genes, cystic fibrosis etc.

The tests should not cause you any pain.

The inflatable cuff used to measure your blood pressure may feel a little tight and uncomfortable as it inflates.

The retina photography may feel a little uncomfortable. You will not need to use eye drops but the light may cause some people some discomfort.

The blood test may make you feel a little uncomfortable when the needle is put into your arm. We can use a cream to numb the skin before your blood is taken if you would prefer. The blood test is done with you sitting in a chair, but you can lie down if you prefer.

Participation in this study is voluntary. You can withdraw from the study at any time and do not have to give a reason. If you withdraw from the study partway through testing, we will use the information collected already unless you inform us not to.

Yes you will. An individual letter will be provided with the results from the measures taken where the health implications are known, such as your blood pressure, lipid measurements and cholesterol. If further medical attention is needed, a referral letter to your GP will be sent along with your results letter. The results can take about 8 weeks to be ready, so the letters will be sent to you once all the results are available.