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Participating in the CHART Study

What is this project about?

There is a wide belief that common adult onset disorders, particularly those related to the heart and lung, begin in early life, possibly even before birth. Children born following the use of ART might be in a specific risk category because of the techniques used to enable successful ART/pregnancies.

We plan to undertake a study to investigate the heart and lung health of the young adults who participated in stage one.

What does being a participant involve?

To be a part of this study, you are invited to attend The Royal Children’s Hospital in Parkville for a morning or evening of your time (approximately 2.5 hours). To compensate you for your time you will be offered the option of a $50 Coles Myer gift card and a voucher for hospital parking.

You will be asked to:

  • fast for six hours before coming in, with only water to drink;
  • allow us to measure your height, weight and body fat percentage;
  • participate in several cardiac tests. These will include an ultrasound of your neck, monitoring your heart rate and blood pressure, and taking a photo of your retina;
  • participate in several respiratory tests. These will include a lung function test and another to see how effectively your lungs clear. None of these tests are painful.

We would also like you to consider the following options and you can choose whether or not you agree to any or all of these:

  • having a blood sample taken to perform different tests such as levels of inflammation, cholesterol levels and to look for changes in your DNA.
  • having a swab of your cheek done to look for genetic changes in your DNA.
  • having your DNA/blood sample stored for future ethically approved research, related to the health outcomes of young adults conceived using assisted conception.
  • being contacted in the future should we undertake other research projects or relevance to you.
  • allowing your information and samples to be shared with collaborating researchers within Australia and/or overseas, without your identity being disclosed.
  • allowing us to access your Newborn screening card.
  • being informed of any potential genetic changes that are unrelated to this research.

More information is available in our PDF iconPatient Information Booklet . A copy of this Booklet and the Consent Form will also be posted to you.