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Consent in Research

Research project

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The Project

Funded by the Alfred Felton Bequest, this project investigates consent in research involving children. Parental consent is the ethical cornerstone of research involving children, but the concept of 'consent', both of the parent and the child, is not as well understood as it could be.

This can lead to a problematic lack of clarity of the ethical role of and requirements for consent in some situations. This project aims to address this problem.

The central aims of the project are to:

  • Develop greater theoretical clarity of the concept of consent in research involving children
  • Encourage clearer thinking by researchers and HRECs about consent in research involving children
  • Produce an educational resource for researchers and HRECs. (This website is the first stage of that resource)
  • Develop an information brochure for parents to assist them in deciding about their child's involvement in research.