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Information for Participants

Who’s taking part?

We are inviting children and adults who have a speech or language disorder and their family members to take part in this Australia-wide study. Speech disorders include articulation problems (e.g., lisping), phonological disorders (e.g., substituting sounds such as 'w' for 'r'), stuttering and childhood apraxia of speech, amongst others. Language disorders include comprehension or receptive language difficulties (e.g., difficulty understanding instructions) and expressive language difficulties (e.g., difficulty finding the right word to say or using correct grammar). 

We are also inviting twins to take part in our research. We are interested in studying twins where only one or both children have a speech, language or stuttering disorder. 

If you have seen a specialist because people find it hard to understand you when you talk, or because your speech sounds different/atypical, then you may have a speech disorder.