The Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids Study

You are invited to participate in a dietary education program that is designed to help pregnant women to improve their diets! 

Your involvement would help us to assess any effects our dietary program might have on the health and wellbeing of pregnant women and aspects of babies’ health, including their gut bacteria.

Check your eligibility here!

Are you in your second trimester of pregnancy

This is a diet study for pregnant women!

We are recruiting women in their second trimester (14 – 25 weeks). Please do our eligibility screening questionnaire to see if you are eligible!

Why is this study being run?

Fewer than ten percent of Australians eat according the dietary guidelines. This study is study focused on the health effects of women’s diets during pregnancy. We believe that helping pregnant women to eat better may be relevant for improving the health of mothers and their babies. Because of this, we are now conducting a study to test an educational dietary program delivered in the third trimester (from week 26) of pregnancy.

We would like to see if the program is helpful to mothers, and also assess any benefits it might have on aspects of mothers’ health (both physical and mental), and aspects of their baby’s health after birth, including gut bacteria.