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What are the goals of the study?

The study will evaluate whether the program is effective in supporting pregnant women to eat healthily during their pregnancy, and whether the procedures are practical and feasible. It will also assess the possible effect of the dietary program on certain biological aspects of health in pregnant women and their babies, including their gut bacteria.

We hope that the women taking part in this study will give us feedback so that we can make improvements to the program, and also so that we can make future recommendations about ways to support women’s diets during pregnancy.

What are the possible benefits of participating?

Your involvement would be greatly appreciated, and your help may even benefit pregnant women and babies of the future!

Participation in both groups are equally important. Both the program and comparison groups are essential because without the both we would not be able to make recommendations about supporting women’s diets during pregnancy. Also, without both groups we may not be able to offer any new insights into how diet during pregnancy might influence gut bacteria.

If you are allocated to the comparison group, then at the end of the study we will send you copies of the information that the diet group received.

If you are allocated to the program group you will learn about the importance of diet for you and your baby’s health, dietary recommendations and techniques for dietary change. You’ll also receive follow-up phone calls to provide you with support for your diet goals.

At the end of the study, we will send all participants a summary of the overall study results.

Who Is Running This Study?

The Murdoch Children's Research Institute at The Royal Children’s Hospital and Deakin University are jointly running this study.