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Our funding partners

We would like to acknowledge the generous funding support received for this program of research from:

  • The University of Melbourne
  • The Deafness Foundation
  • Monash Children’s Hospital
  • Mercy Hospital for Women

Thank you!

The study participants:

Thank you to the families who have taken part in the HearS-cCMV study. Without them generously donating their time to support this research it would not be possible. Their contribution will help us to understand whether completing this test for CMV is possible in the first 3 weeks of life.

The VIHSP staff:

A big thank you to the staff and management team in the Victorian Infant Hearing Screening Program at our four participating maternity hospitals for their support of the HearS-cCMV study.

Our investigator team and staff:

Finally, we would also like to thank all of our investigators, staff and students that have been part of the HearS-cCMV team. Without their knowledge and support the study would not have been possible.