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Research Team

The HearS-cCMV team consists of a number of researchers, hearing specialists and doctors across several different organisations:

The Melbourne Children’s Campus

  • Dr Valerie Sung
  • Prof Cheryl Jones
  • Ms Emma Webb
  • Dr Zeffie Poulakis
  • Dr Melinda Barker
  • Prof David Burgner
  • Dr Amanda Gwee
  • Prof Andrew Daley
  • Dr Linny Phuong
  • Prof Susan Donath
  • Dr Kim Dalziel
  • Dr Li Huang
  • Ms Alanna Gillespie

The University of Queensland

  • A/Prof Julia Clark

Monash Children’s

  • Dr Kerryn Saunders
  • Prof Jim Buttery
  • Dr Alice Stewart
  • Dr Rachael Purcell

Royal Women’s Hospital

  • A/Prof Sue Jacobs
  • A/Prof Michelle Giles

Mercy Hospital for Women

  • Dr Dan Casalaz
  • Dr Bron Hennebry

Sunshine Hospital, Western Health

  • Dr Rosalynn Pszczola