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Kids in Communities (KiCS)

Research project

Chief investigators:

    A/Prof Sharon Goldfeld (Lead Chief Investigator), University of Melbourne Department of Paediatrics, Royal Children’s Hospital, Murdoch Children's Research Institute
    Prof Billie Giles-Corti, McCaughey VicHealth Centre, The University of Melbourne
    A/Prof Robert Tanton, NATSEM, University of Canberra
    A/Prof Sally Brinkman, University of Western Australia Centre for Child Health Research
    Prof Ilan Katz, Social Policy Research Centre, University of New South Wales
    A/Prof Geoff Woolcock, Wesley Mission Brisbane, Griffith University

Federal and state government partner organisations:

    Australian Government Department of Education and Training
    Australian Bureau of Statistics
    Victorian Department of Education and Training
    Australian Capital Territory Community Services Directorate
    Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service
    South Australia Department for Education and Child Development
    New South Wales Department of Education and Communities
    Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment
    New South Wales Department of Families and Community Services

Non-government partner organisations:

    The Smith Family
    Murdoch Children's Research Institute
    Wesley Mission Brisbane
    The Benevolent Society
    Uniting Care Children, Young People and Families

Other collaborating organisations:

    University of British Columbia (Canada)
    Mount Saint Vincent University (Canada)
    University of California, Los Angeles (USA)

Philanthropic partner:

    John Cameron Foundation