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•    Who joined the CheckPoint?
•    What did the study involve?
•    Participants information and consents
Who joined the CheckPoint? 

From December 2014, the CheckPoint team sent an invitation and subsequently telephoned all families to ascertain interest and book an appointment. We were able to assess nearly 2000 child-parent pairs, which was about half of the families still participating in Growing Up in Australia's younger cohort ten years into the study. Families could choose which parent came along to the assessment, and 87% of our parent sample are mothers. In total, 1874 children and 1874 parents participated in this detailed cross-sectional biophysical assessment.

What did the study involve?

The CheckPoint provided a one-off physical health assessment to the 11-12 year olds children and one of their parents. As the CheckPoint moved around the country in 2015-16, children and parents were invited to attend the centre nearest to their home or have a home visit. The CheckPoint Assessment Centres were set up in 16 cities, and home visits conducted in 18 cities and towns. The geographical distribution of our sample mirrored the Australian population. 

Most families (n=1356, 72%) attended a 3.5-hour appointment at a large Assessment Centre. They rotated through 17 stations in activities assessing their heart and lung health, fitness, strength, vision, diet, activity and more. Up to 25 children and their parents/guardians took part each day, arriving every 15-30 minutes. Mini-centres, operating in smaller regional cities, consisted of a slightly shorter 2.5-hour appointment with a subset of measures. Families who could not attend an assessment centre were offered a 1.5-hour home visit. At the end of the visit or soon afterwards, parents were given a snapshot summary of their and their child's health.

Participant information and consent booklet 

The attending parents/caregivers provided written informed consent for themselves and their children to participate in the CheckPoint. Please click here to read or download the Participant Information and Consent Booklet.