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4 time-use clusters were found in children: ‘Studious Actives’ had the best and ‘Potterers’ the worst Health Related Quality of Life - ‘Techno Actives’ and ‘Stay-home Screenies’ were in the middle.

An inflammatory diet is associated with adverse cardiovascular function and microvascular structure in parents but not children.

Children with bilateral slight/mild hearing loss have lower academic, behaviour and health-related quality of life scores than normally hearing children, with some scores 0.2–0.3 standard deviations lower.

Parent-child concordance in health-related quality of life was small in this relatively healthy sample.

The identified mapping algorithms can be used to facilitate cost-utility analysis in comparable populations when only the PedsQL instrument is

Better child and adult mental health were associated with cardio-protective blood metabolite profiles, including lower levels of inflammatory markers and a favourable lipid/lipoprotein profile.