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December 2015

We released the second Maternal Health Study Policy Brief in December. The purpose of our policy briefs is to summarise findings from the study in an accessible format for policy makers and health services.

October 2014

From October, we will be inviting mothers and children to visit us at The Royal Children’s Hospital to take part in interviews about their oldest child’s mental health, cognitive development, and language skills. All mothers and children in the study are invited to take part – look out for an invitation from us about six months after you return the 10-year follow-up questionnaire.

May 2014

We released the first Maternal Health Study Policy Brief in May. We are planning to release a series of policy briefs summarising findings of the study and implications for policy and services.

MHS Policy Brief

September 2013

10-year follow-up commenced in September 2013. All women in the study are invited to complete a questionnaire around the time that their oldest child turns 10.

Any mothers who still have a questionnaire to return - there is still time to return your questionnaire. We would love to hear from you - every bit of information is helpful. If you have any questions, email us at or call (03) 9936 6707.