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Who can take part in the Mi-iron study?

Mi-iron aims to recruit a total of 110 participants from Victoria and Queensland. 

To take part in this study, a person needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. Diagnosed with haemochromatosis due to having two copies of the same HFE gene fault called C282Y.
  2. Aged 18 - 70 years.
  3. Have moderate iron overload (serum ferritin between 300ug/L - 1000ug/L, see table below)
  4. Have no other major diseases or risk factors such as liver disease, excess alcohol consumption, body mass index (BMI) >35.
  5. Has not received venesection therapy for haemochromatosis in the last two years.

If you have any questions about these criteria, please contact the Mi-iron study coordinator for assistance.

Table 1. Body iron levels are determined by the amount of Serum Ferritin (SF) in the body. Table 1 shows SF ranges for normal, moderate and high iron levels.  People with moderate levels of iron are eligible to take part in Mi-iron.

Important Serum Ferritin reference ranges

Serum Ferritin (SF)

SF range for Adults aged 18 - 70

Ideal Range50 - 300 ug/mL
Moderate Iron Overload300 - 1000 ug/mL
High Iron Overload> 1000 ug/mL


Where is the Mi-iron study taking place?

Mi-iron will be held across four sites:

Austin Health
145 Studley Road
Victoria 3084

Royal Melbourne Hospital
Grattan Street
Victoria 3050

Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital
Cnr Butterfield St and Bowen Bridge Roads
Queensland 4006

Murdoch Children's Research Institute
Royal Children's Hospital
Flemington Road, Parkville
Victoria, Australia 3052