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The MIND the Vax Gap Project

Research project

What is the MIND the Vax Gap project?

We want to understand parents' views on vaccination and factors that may affect their decisions about vaccinating their children. 

We know that getting children vaccinated may not always be easy. We are looking at three groups: children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (autism), children with Down Syndrome, and children from the general population. We want to learn more about what factors affect vaccine uptake for these children and their siblings. 

We also want to find out what concerns parents of children with neurodevelopmental disorders might have about getting their children vaccinated. We hope this information will help us develop better ways to support parents to make their vaccination decisions and access vaccination services more easily.

Who can take part?

Parents with children:

  • aged under 18 years
  • who have a diagnosis of autism, or a diagnosis of Down Syndrome, or from general population (typically developing)

What will I be asked to do?

  • Complete one 10-15 minute online survey 
  • OPTIONAL: participate in one interview

How can I find out more?

Surveys are confidential. After completing the survey you will have the option of entering the draw to win a $75 gift voucher. 
To learn about the study and complete the survey, follow the links below.

If your child has AUTISM, please click here:
If your child has DOWN SYNDROME, please click here:
If your child is TYPICALLY DEVELOPING, please click here:


If you have any questions about the study, please contact Dr Jessica Kaufman 03 9345 4890 or