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Funding partners

We would like to acknowledge the generous funding support for the program of research:

Cohort and Pilot Studies:

  • Pratt Foundation
  • The Victorian Department of Human Services
  • Scobie and Claire Mackinnon Trust (Cerebral Palsy Pilot Study)

The RCT:

  • The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation (RCT)

Thank you! 

Our parents:
We would like to thank the parents who took part in the research. Without your support and involvement this research would not be possible. We approached you for the study at a very stressful time and we are truly grateful that you agreed to take part in this research and continued to do so over time. Your contribution has not only helped us to better understand what it is like for families in your situation but has also lead to the development of a Parent Program aimed to support parents in need.

The Royal Children’s Hospital staff:
A big thank you to the social workers, medical staff, nurses and mental health clinicians across the Cardiology, Oncology, PICU, Neurology, General Medicine, and Neo-natal Intensive Care wards of The Royal Children’s Hospital, as well as the PICU reception staff for their assistance with the recruitment of families.  

Our staff:
Finally, we would also like to thank all staff, students, volunteers and student interns that have been part of the Take a Breath team in the past and present who have contributed to the running of this research project at various stages.

Contact, Data and Partnership enquiries

If you would like to know more about the data and collaboration opportunities with Take a Breath, please contact Dr Frank Muscara and Dr Meredith Rayner by emailing