Address: The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH)
50 Flemington Rd, Parkville

Appointment location

The appointment will be held at The Royal Children’s Hospital. Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI). West Building Level 4. 

  1. Take the Yellow lifts from the basement car parks (B1/B2 or B3) to G (ground) floor to attend the MCRI screening (not RCH screening) in the MCRI reception area at the main entrance of the hospital (turn right when you come out of the Yellow lifts.
  2. Once through MCRI screening head to MCRI reception and request a Visitor’s Pass for your attendance at the Population Allergy clinic.
  3. Take the WHITE LIFTS to Level 4 (receptionist will provide directions to WHITE LIFTS)
  4. Call clinic nurses: 0479 135 316
  5. Please make your way to the waiting area on the left of the lifts and call the clinic nurses on 0479 135 316 to advise you have arrived– they will come and collect you
  6. Any issues please call 0479 135 316


  1. Enter from Entry 1 or Entry 2 on Flemington
  2. To gain entry, take a ticket from the ticket box at the boom gate and the gate will
  3. There are three levels of parking - B1, B2 and Indicator boards will tell drivers when a level is full or how many vacant spots are available on each level.
  4. When you arrive at our clinic we will give you a voucher to pay for your parking as you exit the car park.


Trams 59 and 55 stop outside the main entrance of the main hospital at Stop 19, Flemington Road. If arriving by public transport, we will arrange to top up your Myki to cover the cost of your travel to the hospital.

Important Information

Extensive measures have been put in place to minimise risk to staff and research participants with regards to COVID-19 including:

  • Pre-screening families before appointments
  • Re-screening of families upon their arrival to the hospital, before they access our allergy assessment space
  • Maintaining separation of study participants from general hospital patients as per RCH guidelines
  • Maintaining separation of study participants from one another
  • Staggering appointments to reduce the number of staff and participants in one area at one time
  • Thorough cleaning of rooms before and between each participant (using hospital grade cleaning products)
  • Individual assessment rooms for each
  • Staff members conducting the appointment will be wearing masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as Masks will be provided to parents/carers upon arrival at RCH in line with current Victorian Government requirements.

To help support the study, please postpone your appointment if anyone will attend the appointment (only one parent allowed to attend as per RCH protocol) has been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 or has tested positive to COVID-19 in the last 14 days, or has returned from any overseas location in the last 14 days or currently has a fever (over 37.5 degrees) or any other respiratory symptoms (sneezing, coughing, sore throat or runny nose).

Your child must not have any antihistamine for at least 5 days prior to the appointment, as this may change the result of the allergy testing. Please contact the team if your child needs antihistamines the day before the appointment, as we may need to reschedule. 


If you have any questions, please contact the Population Allergy Clinic Team on 0479 135 316.