Patient Advocacy Group (PAG)

The PAG provides a patient, family and community perspective on issues and activities relevant to Royal Children's Hospital heart failure patients, as well as those transitioning into adult care. The committee helps to develop material that advocates for heart failure patients and their families, as well as educational tools for the wider community.

We also provide input on current research being undertaken at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute to treat heart failure in children.

Our patient story videos

These patient story videos highlight the lifelong impact these conditions have on patients and their families.

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Our team members

Team memberRole
Dr Adam Piers  Chair
Bec Peters Co-Chair
Mia Cowley Adolescent Patient Representative
Lyndall Cowley Parent Representative
Annette Gaulton Royal Children's Hospital Wadja Aboriginal Case Manager
Tyler Airey Adult Patient Representative
Tracy Stanley HeartKids Family Support Coordinator (Vic/Tas)