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Data Science

The Institute recognises the importance of statistics and methodological expertise to its research program and has internationally regarded leadership in this area from the Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics Unit (CEBU).

Murdoch Children's has long been recognised for its strength in biostatistics, which has underpinned many research successes leading to substantial improvements in child health.  

Modern technology enables us to capture more and more data than ever before, whether from traditional clinical and epidemiological studies or by utilising rapidly increasing stores of digital health records or from biomarker measurement at microscopic and molecular levels. In this context, the Institute’s high levels of expertise in the analysis and interpretation of data help to keep it at the cutting-edge of science.

Our methodological researchers are active at the forefront of methods development, attracting the next generation of data scientists as PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. Our approach means that our collaborators in clinical trials and observational studies of all kinds (from EMR-based investigations to community-based epidemiology) are assured of top-quality engagement.