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The Centre for Community Child Health

The Centre for Community Child Health is committed to achieving the best possible health, development and wellbeing outcomes for children, families and communities through an agenda that focuses on promotion and prevention. The Centre strives for evidence-based policy, evidence-based service delivery and professional practice, and equity of health, development and wellbeing outcomes among Australian children.

In addition to its contribution to the Population Health theme within the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, the Centre for Community Child Health is a department of The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, and an academic centre of the University of Melbourne. The Centre’s links to these world-class institutions provide access to some of the world’s top minds in child health and development research and practice. Within the Centre is an equally impressive array of clinical, research, evaluation, training, and translation experience and expertise, with a focus on real-world application of knowledge.  


Many conditions and common problems in children, adolescents and adults are preventable, or can result in better outcomes, if recognised and managed early. Research has also shown that the provision of high-quality early childhood and family support programs can do much to offset the effects of adverse early experiences and environments. These factors drive the agenda for the two research groups within the Centre:

The knowledge generated by these two groups is translated to inform early childhood public policy, the organisation of clinical services, professional practice with children and families, and community development.

By taking a population-level approach to research, the Centre has developed a growing and robust body of evidence and expertise on the interconnectedness between health, development, wellbeing, education and subsequent life outcomes.