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Gene Therapy

The Melbourne Children's Campus is Gene Therapy Ready!


The MCC is joining the small number of Australian hospitals with the capability to deliver in vivo viral vector gene therapies.

The hospital has facilities for the preparation and delivery of these products, and pharmacy and clinical staff for viral vector product preparation and administration.

MCTC can assist in the submission of gene therapy trials to the RCH HREC,  and can also provide guidance on Institutional Biosafety and OGTR approvals.

The Gene Therapy Trials Readiness Coordinator has expertise in the regulations around gene therapy trials and can provide advice or assist in the set up for trials.

If you are planning a gene therapy clinical trial, please contact the Melbourne Children’s Trials Centre for advice and assistance.




As this work progresses updates and resources that become available will be posted to this page or to the MCRI Intranet.