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Qualitative Research Interest Group (QRIG)

The Qualitative Research Interest Group (QRIG) was formed in 2017 as a peer support network to encourage and support rigorous, methodological and ethically sound qualitative and mixed methods research.  Our focus is to build capacity and resources as well as sharing knowledge across Melbourne Children’s Campus. We support researchers by: 

  • Fostering relationships within and between research groups, 
  • Establishing peer to peer support networks, 
  • Raising awareness of qualitative and mixed methods research through our monthly meetings, 
  • Developing resources to support cross campus capacity building,  
  • Promoting consultation and collaboration across the Melbourne Children’s Campus  

We hold monthly meetings on different days and different times to ensure access to at least some meetings for those with regular clinics and commitments. 
If you would like to join the mailing list, please email 

Any questions email