Research Coordinators (internal only)

Research Coordinator mentoring/buddy system

Research Coordinators are key members of any research team. CRDO has established an informal mentoring program for new research coordinators. This program draws on the wealth of experience of senior research staff/coordinators we are fortunate to have on the Campus. The mentoring (or “buddying”) process involves regular catch ups – perhaps over a coffee – and allows new staff members to shadow experienced coordinators during key procedures or processes (e.g., observe informed consent, data entry, maintaining a study file) and ask questions about the process of conducting a research project at the Melbourne Children’s.
If you’re looking for a buddy, contact CRDO. If you want to be a buddy CRDO maintains a database of experienced research coordinators, please request to be a buddy.

​Research Coordinator Forum

Coordinators regularly attend the Research Coordinator Forums. The forum is composed of staff at the Melbourne Children’s involved in the coordination and day to day running of clinical and public health research. The objective of the forum is to provide education and regular updates on all aspects of running clinical and public health research. The group shares resources, tools and guidance on the day to day running of these studies. All staff working in clinical or public health research are invited to attend. Register for Research Coordinator’s Forum mailing list by emaling
There is also a ‘Research Coordinator’ group on Yammer which we encourage you to sign up to, there we will post each of the presentations from the forums as well as other useful information. It also acts as a forum for your own ideas and queries.


FEB23 FEBTuesday10:00-11:00amHELP 1:053Updates from the world of CRDO and REGCRDO & REG teams
APR26 APRWednesday2:30-3:30pmHELP 1:053Being Audit Ready - Tips from REG

Eman Nafea, Governance Manager, REG

JUN8 JUNThursday10:00-11:00amHELP 1:053Important changes to NHMRC Safety Reporting in Clinical TrialsKate Scarff
AUG8 AUGTuesday10:00-11:00amCox/Walford, MCRI Managing Publicity of your Study: How to promote your researchMembers of the marketing/communications team & REG
OCT3 OCTTuesday10:30-11:30amELT Lead Site & Coordinating Principal Investigator Role in Multi-Centre Clinical Trials (Expectations and Challenges)Rebecca Nuhiu, Associate Country Manager, PPD
& Sue Yeend, Cancer Clinical Trials Manager, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, S.A
DEC14 DECThursday9:00-10:00amHELP 1:053End of year morning tea & RSO Presentation

Amanda Perdomo, Radiation Safety Officer