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MCRI Stem Cell Medicine is a world class research program established to drive the discoveries of fundamental stem cell biology toward medical outcomes for patients.  Predominantly straddled across the Themes of Cell Biology and Genetics, we are focussed on the delivery of human stem cell treatments for patients, and have research programs in stem cell disease modelling and drug screening, stem cell therapies and bioengineered tissues.  MCRI is ideally positioned to lead international stem cell research, collaborating closely with internationally leading clinicians, biomedical scientists, engineers, ethicists, and the biotechnology sector to deliver stem cell medical breakthroughs into the clinic.

Developing world-class researchers of tomorrow

MCRI Stem Cell Medicine is committed to educating, mentoring and collaborating with the stem cell researchers of the future. We offer bench-to-bedside research projects encompassing laboratory, clinical and public health research, translating results into tangible benefits for children.  As a world leading child health research institute, students are mentored by supervisors who are expert, internationally recognised researchers in their field. 

Why choose us?

  • Exposure to the most stimulating aspects of university, institute and hospital research
  • Continuous opportunities for learning and development
  • Access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources
  • Valuable interaction between students via our Research Student Association

For information on MCRI's student programs and how to enrol, please click here

2019 Stem Cell Medicine PhD Projects

    Student Testimonials

    Pictured: MCRI students, Tom Forbes, Ana Rita Leitoghunho and Ghanisht Juwaheer.

    "The Honours experience at MCRI marked me in several ways: my supervisor [A/Prof Enzo Porrello] is one of the world’s brightest minds in our field, and being able to work down the hallway from him and other leading thinkers was quite inspiring. The student association also organised a lot of events throughout the year which was a great platform for networking and having fun with the other students – the most important bit after all!”  Ghanisht Juwaheer, Honours Student, Cardiac Regeneration group.

    "The MCRI is a unique platform to experience multidisciplinary science at its best. People work in a variety of fields ranging from basic stem cell biology all the way to clinical heart research and applied genomics. The ease with which we can obtain information, exchange knowledge and use different resources makes the MCRI one of the best in the campus. Being a student is particularly good since the institute is a strong supporter of all student activities, including providing generous support for conferences abroad." Ana Rita Leitoghunho, PhD Candidate, Blood Development group.

    "The co-location of the stem cell laboratories and the clinical offices at the Children’s Campus allows me some flexibility in balancing my clinical and research roles. I can also attend clinical and scientific educational events on site and throughout the Parkville precinct, keeping my clinical skills up to date whilst I develop my research skills."  Dr Tom Forbes, Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist (RCH) and PhD Candidate, Kidney Development, Disease and Regeneration group. 


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      Dr Shireen Lamande

      Phone: +61 (3) 9345 6650

      MCRI Student Administrator
      Ms Hannah Billett 
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