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The Calm Kids Study

Research project

The Calm Kids project is about anxiety in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). A large number of children with ADHD also experience anxiety (25-50%). We know that anxiety in children with ADHD makes daily life harder for children and their families. The Calm Kids study aims to see whether treating anxiety in children with ADHD improves child anxiety, as well as broader child and family functioning.

What does the study involve?

The intervention we use to treat anxiety involves, over the course of 10 sessions, teaching children and parents what anxiety is, what causes anxiety, and what children and parents can do to lessen anxiety. To know whether the program helps, we need to compare children who receive the program with children who do not. Children are randomly placed in either the ‘Intervention Group’ or the ‘Usual Care Group’.

We also visit our participating families to collect information at 3 time points: at the beginning of the study, after 5 months and after 12 months. At these visits, parents and children complete surveys about child and family functioning, and the children complete thinking and memory tasks on the iPad.

Project Funding

The Calm Kids study is funded by the Besen Family Trust, the Myer Foundation, and the National Health and Medical Research Council.