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Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) Associate Professor Graham Gee is committed to Aboriginal health and promoting Victorian Aboriginal-led research and the important role of cultural determinants of wellbeing.

Graham is the Intergenerational Health team leader at MCRI, overseeing the Intergenerational Health Aboriginal program of research. Also, a clinical psychologist, Graham provides supervision and support to Victorian Aboriginal health services and practitioners working in the area of complex trauma.

Aboriginal health expert Associate Professor Graham Gee

Image: Associate Professor Graham Gee

"My team’s research is focused on trying to elevate the needs of Victorian Aboriginal/Koori families as much as possible", Graham explains.

"I am currently leading an NHMRC grant that involves working with six Victorian Aboriginal health service partners to support survivors of child sexual abuse and their families. Together, we are co-designing Aboriginal models of care and workforce sustainability in this complex area.”

For Graham, some of the most rewarding aspects of his work involve witnessing the resilience and growth within Victorian Aboriginal families.

"Working with Victorian Aboriginal services and the workforce and seeing Koori families grow stronger and get the support they need is really fulfilling," he shares.

“Empowering both survivors of child sexual abuse and related services to co-design healing and recovery responses is an important way to improve our models of care.”

Graham finds joy in mentoring young Aboriginal psychologists and collaborating with Elders and community leaders.

"Working alongside Elders and Aboriginal leaders in Koori communities is definitely what sustains me the most," Graham reflects.

“Our cultural well-being and yarning gatherings, which combine cultural activities with yarning circles involving knowledge holders, are a joy to participate in. It’s a privilege that I don’t take for granted.”

Graham’s own heritage is rich and diverse. Born and raised in Darwin, his lineage includes Aboriginal-Chinese ancestry from Belyuen, on Larrakia Country. His cultural background also extends to Celtic roots through his mother’s side. Graham’s wife is a ‘Norwegian Valkyrja (a female viking)’, and together they have raised two remarkable multicultural daughters.

For his own wellbeing, Graham finds connection and renewal in the ocean. "Surfing and saltwater healing nourishes my spirit and wellbeing." Graham reminds us of the importance of honouring and celebrating Australia’s First Nations cultures.

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