Our research areas

To achieve our purpose, we organise ourselves into five specialist research areas. To ensure our research makes a real difference, our researchers are also working with the patients, families, and communities they serve. This ensures our discoveries are transformed into better health outcomes for all families that are affordable and accessible, in Australia and around the world.

Clinical Sciences

Our researchers work to improve care for babies, children, and adolescents with serious acute and chronic illness. Our research is improving diagnosis, treatment, and care, saving lives, and creating better outcomes for our most vulnerable.

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Genomic Medicine

Our Genomic research is vital to discovering genes and environmental factors impacting children’s health. Our research is helping achieve earlier diagnosis and delivers targeted treatment for genetic disorders, infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases.  

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Infection, Immunity and Global Health

Our infection, immunity and global health researchers are protecting children against preventable diseases such as allergies, common infections, and immune conditions both locally and internationally, focussing on disadvantaged populations, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

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Population Health

Our researchers are studying the health of our communities and developing interventions to solve modern epidemics of obesity, allergy, diabetes, and mental illness. We are advancing understanding of the social, environmental, and biological factors influencing child and adolescent health.

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Stem Cell Medicine

Our researchers are driving the development of therapies for currently incurable childhood diseases, including kidney disease, heart and skeletal muscle diseases, leukemia, brain cancer, respiratory diseases and juvenile diabetes.

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