Our Covid-19 kids research program

As Australia’s largest child health research institute, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute has children at the heart of our approach to the research questions that come from COVID-19.

Our research is addressing COVID-19 from all angles to provide governments, businesses and families with the evidence-based answers and tools we all need. We’re working in collaboration with our national and international partners to make a world of difference, for children today and generations to come.

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Find out how we’re working to address COVID-19 and its impacts

Covid-19 Research Back to School

Back to school

Analysing the Victorian school outbreak data, we helped inform the return to school in 2020 and continue to work towards keeping schools gates open.

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Covid-19 Vaccine Research

COVID-19 Vaccine Research

We are monitoring the COVID-19 vaccines distributed in Australia and ensuring effective public health communication and safety reporting.

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Covid-19 Long term impacts

Long-term impacts of COVID-19

We’re focused on the long-term physical and mental health impact on children and families following the extended lockdown periods during the pandemic.

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Covid-19 BCG Vaccine

Prevention of COVID-19: BCG vaccine

We’re working on a leading international trial to determine the effectiveness of a vaccine to reduce cases and severity of COVID-19 in healthcare workers.

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Covid-19 Global Health

Global health

In countries with less well-developed health systems, COVID-19 could be devastating. We are measuring the impact on children and their families and developing mitigation strategies.

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Covid-19 Infection and Transmission in Children

Infection and transmission in children

There are a lot of questions about COVID-19 and kids, and we’re looking for the answers. We are researching how COVID-19 is transmitted in kids, what recovery looks like and how to inform policy.

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Meet the Program of Research Steering Committee

The COVID-19 Research Steering Committee was established at the start of the pandemic to reference the COVID-19 research of the Melbourne Children’s Campus

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