Flagship research

Our flagship research programs maximise the collaborative opportunities across the Murdoch Children's and the Melbourne Children’s Campus to increase the translation of clinical research into practice, transforming child and adolescent health.

Flagship Aboriginal health

Aboriginal health

Working with Aboriginal communities to promote health, wellbeing and equity for all.

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Adolescent health

Adolescent health and wellbeing

Improving the health of future generations.

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Flagship Allergy


Saving lives, improving health and reducing the cost of allergy.

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Research to transform the treatment and lifelong care for childhood cancer.

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Teenager receiving vacacintion from a nurse


Creating the robust evidence we need to understand, treat and prevent COVID-19, and its impacts on kids.

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child getting heart check

Heart failure

Transforming outcomes for children with heart disease and heart failure.

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Tiny baby in incubator

High-risk infants

Improve long-term outcomes for high-risk infants.

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Sick child being given medicine by parent


Reduce misuse of antibiotics and minimise drug resistance and side effects.

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Child get an ultra sound on kidney


Develop new therapies for kidney disease

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Transform our treatment of autism, social impairment and intellectual disability

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Sick child being given medicine by parent

Rare Disease

Improve detection, diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases.

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