Our National Centres of Research Excellence (CREs) are funded through five-year National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grants, bringing together leading researchers, clinicians and families across Australia and internationally.

The CREs each aim to improve health outcomes for children and families and promote improved translation of research outcomes of policy and practice in their given area of expertise.

happy family

CRE in Childhood Adversity & Mental Health

Creating a sustainable service and co-designed to improve children’s mental health through early detection and response to family adversity.

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Young adult with cerebral palsy

CP-Achieve - CRE in Cerebral Palsy

Working to help adolescents and young adults with cerebral palsy live full and healthy lives.

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Child holding dna helix

Centre for Ethics of Paediatric Genomics 

The world’s first ethics research centre specifically devoted to ethical issues in paediatric genomics.

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Child with allergies

Centre for Food and Allergy Research (CFAR)

Investigating paediatric food allergy and food-related immune disorders.

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Health analysis

Centre for Health Analytics

Supporting, delivering and enabling health informatics across the Melbourne Children’s Campus.

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CRE in Global Adolescent Health

Exploring neglected areas of adolescent health, including groups experiencing significant discrimination or disadvantage specifically, Indigenous young people and young people in contact with the justice system.

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newborn baby

CRE in Newborn Medicine

Improving health outcomes for all newborn babies and their families.

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CRE for Pneumococcal Disease Control in the Asia-Pacific

Addressing outstanding research gaps for pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) use in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Speech therapy session with child

Translational Centre for Speech Disorders

We are studying the underlying causes of speech disorders and not just surface language disorder symptoms.

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emergency deparrtment - royal childrens hospital

Paediatric Emergency Medicine Centre

Emergency Department patient care throughout Australasia.

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Rock banksia

Stronger Futures

Building resilience and breaking intergenerational cycles of intergenerational trauma and social inequity.

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lab work

Victorian Centre for Biostatistics (ViCBiostat)

Building Biostatistics in Victoria.

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Other programs

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Epi-Genomic Newborn screening (EpiGNs) program

A new program to improve health outcomes for babies and their families using a heel prick test.

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Completed Centres of Research Excellence

child learning

CRE in Child Language

Investigated factors that affect and improve child language and development

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girl in wheelchair

CRE in Neuromuscular Disorders

Improved diagnosis, facilitated prevention and transformed treatment from compassionate management to effective therapy.

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speech therapy

CRE in Speech and Language

Identified, targeted and sought to understand the causes of developmental speech and language disorders.

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