To enhance the understanding of how an injury to a child’s brain can impact cognitive, behavioural, and social development.

Types of brain injuries include traumatic brain injury and stroke. Additionally, we are focused on tailoring and administering interventions to help young children with brain injuries and insults. 

Our goals are to:

  • characterise the longitudinal consequences of acquired brain injuries sustained in childhood by studying the functional outcomes
  • identify risk, resilience and protective factors, to inform intervention strategies
  • develop and tailor interventions to help families and children with cognitive, behavioural and social problems related to their acquired brain injuries.

Psychological assessment

The Brain and Mind group offers psychological and neuropsychological testing (data collection) services to research groups within the Murdoch Children’s and commercially funded clinical trials. We have a team of psychologists who are trained and experienced in the standardised administration, scoring and interpretation of psychological assessments. The Psychological Assessment team also offer additional research services to investigators including consultation regarding research protocol development.

Please contact us to discuss your psychological assessment needs and the fees associated prior to applying for funding.

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