Research area:  Clinical sciences

Surgery produces life-saving and life-changing results.

Historically, our group developed as the research arm of the surgeons. The team works mostly with surgeons who operate on the abdominal organs (the urinary tract, reproductive organs, and gastrointestinal tract). We investigate defects in these organs and ways to improve treatment.

The major areas of study include urogenital defects, including undescended testis, a condition that occurs in five per cent of boys. We also study ambiguous genitalia. Anatomical abnormalities of genitals occur in one in 2000 to 5000 children, but even though rare, have a major impact on affected infants and society. Penile development is the third area of urogenital defects under investigation.

Gastrointestinal defects studied include intestinal dysmotility such as chronic constipation and anorectal malformations which can block the bowel. Our research also involves reviewing surgical outcomes in the hospital.

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