Health, wellbeing and equity for mothers, fathers, children and families.

Intergenerational trauma and family violence are major public health issues that impact the lives of diverse women, children, families and communities.

Our research aims to improve the health, social and emotional wellbeing and resilience of children, young people and families affected by these issues.

Our research includes longitudinal studies that explore the lived experience of diverse families and communities. We also work with health services, community organisations and communities to co-design, implement and evaluate strategies to improve care and outcomes for women, children and families, including those affected by intergenerational trauma and family violence.

We collaborate with a diverse range of health services and community-based agencies, including primary care services, public hospitals, early childhood services, Aboriginal community organisations and refugee advocacy and settlement services.

Stronger Futures Centre for Research Excellence (CRE)

Our group leads the Stronger Futures CRE, Australia’s first national collaborative centre, working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and refugee communities to break cycles of intergenerational trauma, family violence and social inequity.