Girl holding a treeWrite the next chapter in your life story and include a powerful legacy for children in your Will

Imagine if you made the kind of difference to the world that meant every child had the chance to live a healthy and fulfilled life. It may seem impossible, but generous people who have donated to Murdoch Children's in their Wills in the past have done just that.

Their legacy lives on in our life-changing research projects - finding new preventions, treatments and cures for childhood conditions such as cancer, heart disease and rare genetic disorders.

We hope you’ll consider a bequest for Murdoch Children's in your Will. You could be here with us and have a far greater impact on the lives of future generations than you ever thought possible. Thank you for thinking of this very special gift.

Advice and help

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Bequests are vital for the future of research

With the help of people like you we’ve been improving the health and wellbeing of children around the world for over three decades. Much of the progress we’ve made is thanks to the extremely important funding we get from gifts in Wills. But while our breakthroughs have seen more children survive and thrive – too many families still know what it’s like to have a sick child. 

After you’ve thought of your loved ones, please consider a gift to Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in your Will. It's easy to do – you can either include a bequest when you write your Will or simply add one as a codicil to your existing one.

We receive all types of gifts from generous, every-day Australians and are very grateful for every single one. There are several ways you can include a bequest:

  • residuary bequest is the whole or a percentage share of your estate after providing for family and friends. We ask our supporters to consider this type of gift because it does not decrease in value over time.
  • A pecuniary bequest is a specific dollar amount. You should be aware that this option does not allow for changes of circumstance or inflation.
  • specific gift such as real estate, shares, or other items.
  • A whole estate. This type of gift is usually left to us by those without preferred beneficiaries, or those wanting to achieve something very substantial with their gift.

Wording to help you prepare your Will

Thank you for choosing to help children with your Will. It is important to use the correct wording:

“I give [(a) my whole estate; or (b) the residue (or percentage of the residue) of my estate; or (c) $(amount); or (d) a specific item] to the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute ABN 21 006 566 972 of 50 Flemington Road, Parkville VIC 3052 for its general purposes. The receipt of the treasurer, secretary or public officer for the time being of a beneficiary under this provision is a sufficient discharge to my executors/trustees in respect of a gift to that beneficiary and I declare that my executors/trustees shall not be responsible for seeing to the application of that gift.”

pdfDownload Will wording (PDF,264.43 KB)

We will always respect your wishes and follow the terms of your Will. If you would like your gift to be used for a specific area of research please contact us first to make sure that your wishes can be carried out.

Free will making guide

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide so that it’s easier for you to make a Will and include a gift for MCRI.

You can download and print your guide or contact us and we will send you a copy in the post or by email.

(PDF download, 10.1 MB)

Download the will making guide

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If you or your solicitor would like more information about including a gift for the Murdoch Children's, please get in touch with Nelita De Vos from the Engagement and Philanthropy team.

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Donations to Murdoch Children’s help us accelerate the breakthroughs that will give all children the opportunity to live a healthy and fulfilled life.