Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and Victorian Clinical Genetics Services (VCGS) have a strong governance framework that supports responsible and effective decision-making.

This is supported by our policies, which help us to maintain a safe work environment for our staff, patients, visitors and collaborators. 

Copies of some of our key documents are provided below. We have several internal policies, which are not externally published. For information about our internal policies, or the procedures supporting these external policies, please contact our compliance team.


Policy library

pdfConstitution of Murdoch Children’s Research Institution424.24 KB Our Governing Document
Code of Conduct Promotes an expected professional standard of behaviour to maintain confidence and trust in the work of Murdoch Children's and Victorian Clinical Genetics Services (VCGS).
pdfFeedback and Complaints Handling Policy159.61 KB

Provides a process for us to receive feedback and manage complaints.

pdfFeedback and Complaints Handling Brochure 89.51 KB Our complaints handling guide.
Whistleblower Policy Our Whistleblower program supports people who alert us to wrongdoing when making a protected disclosure.  Protected disclosures can be lodged via our external Whistleblower reporting service:
pdfChild Safety Policy644.06 KB  All children have the right to feel safe. We support the participation of children and young people in Murdoch Children's and VCGS research, ensuring respect for their safety, needs, culture and diversity.
pdfConflict of Interest Policy 2022197.00 KB To help us maintain ethical standards of good judgement, fairness and integrity in all dealings, and to ensure the prompt disclosure of potential or actual conflicts.
Privacy Policy Murdoch Children's and Victorian Clinical Genetics Services (VCGS) - Internal and external policy. We maintain the security and integrity of our data which is critical to our research.
pdfModern Slavery Act Statement 20231.9 MB We recognise the importance of identifying and addressing exploitative practices to ensure our operations do not cause harm through slavery.
Anti-Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying Policy Murdoch Children's Research Institute does not tolerate any form of conduct which is of a sexual nature, and which could be seen to create a hostile or distressing environment.
pdfGlobal Health Activities Framework 2021 (reviewed 2023)843.27 KB

Murdoch Children's is proudly a member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and a signatory to the Code of Conduct.
As a signatory, our work is conducted with transparency, accountability and integrity in line with the guidelines and principles of the ACFID Code of Conduct.