Florence eBinders – A new electronic trial filing platform

Florence eBinders is a new cloud-based filing platform purpose built for clinical trials.  It offers full 21 CFR Part 11 and GDPR compliance, along with a range of tools such as digital signatures, redaction tools, placeholder reporting, and much more.

Five key benefits of Florence eBinders:

  1. Eliminate Paper binders
  2. Multi-site managements
  3. Get time back your day
  4. Remote monitoring
  5. Easy Digital Archiving

Interested in using Florence eBinders for your research?

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Organise new User access: 

As per MCRI Florence User Policy [MCTC100], all Florence eBinder Users must complete three steps prior to their first login to the MCRI Team folders:

  1. Organise Training on how to use Florence eBinders
  1. Create an original record of the User’s Wet Ink Signature
  1. Organise for an appropriate Role and/or new set of Permissions to be assigned to them with the Organisation Administrator via email or their project’s Binder Administrator

Download Summary Workflow: Accessing Florence eBinders

Using the Platform:


Contact by emailing at   if you have any questions.