We seek to further the diagnosis, investigation and treatment of children with common childhood illnesses who present to hospital.

Our research aims to further the clinical diagnosis, investigation and treatment of children with common childhood infections and other illnesses who present to hospital, including management at home.

Our group includes members of the Departments of General Medicine including Infectious Diseases, Palliative Care, and Ambulatory Services, focusing on clinical and health services research.

Our strength lies in its wide range of research interests and the capacity to engage and collaborate with many clinicians on campus to translate findings into practice for the benefit of patients.

Research streams

Clinical Infections

The two major research questions that underlie the work we do are:

  • How to optimise antibiotic use for childhood infections in children, both common (cellulitis, UTI) and specialised (infections in cancer)
  • How to get sick kids out of hospital and back home

We know that by optimising antibiotic prescribing we can help get children home quicker, increase their quality of life, decrease costs for parents and the hospital and help reduce antimicrobial resistance, which is a current global crisis.

General Paediatrics

General Medicine has the largest number of Advanced Trainees rotating through any department. A focus of researchers is the supervision and mentoring of trainees through their Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) projects.

We aim to provide research governance and support to clinicians with ideas for smaller projects related to general paediatric patients to ensure high-quality research and outcomes that are translatable.