Our team of experienced neonatologists, nurses, scientists, and engineers aim to improve the treatments and outcomes of ill newborn infants.

newborn babyThe research team includes world leaders in the fields of advanced respiratory therapies, resuscitation, neonatal neurology (including neuroimaging and bedside neuro-investigative tools), and congenital problems requiring surgery in early life.

Researchers use diverse research techniques from advanced molecular science and high-fidelity translational physiology recordings and imaging through to large randomised clinical trials and longitudinal developmental outcome studies to achieve our aims.

We pioneered many of our techniques at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute and are not available anywhere else.

Our work deepens our understanding of the fundamental principles relating to critical times in childhood, specifically the transition from fetal to ex-utero life through to long-term neurodevelopmental outcomes. This work has led to new advanced concepts and therapies that have improved the long-term outcomes of our most vulnerable population.