Stronger Futures Centre of Research Excellence

Building resilience and breaking cycles of intergenerational trauma and social inequity

Stronger Futures COLOUR logoThe transmission of complex trauma across generations is a global public health and human rights issue. Despite growing recognition of intergenerational cycles of trauma and family violence, there is limited research evidence regarding effective intervention strategies to prevent or reduce intergenerational transmission of complex trauma and/or enable healing and recovery from the effects of trauma.

Our goal is to improve social and emotional wellbeing, family functioning and resilience in families and communities disproportionately impacted by intergenerational trauma and family violence. In the longer term, our aim is to contribute to the reversal of the current upward trends in rates of suicide, self-harm, and mental health disorders in children and young people.

 We aim to generate new knowledge about

  • what keeps families and communities strong and resilient
  • what enables healing and recovery from complex trauma
  • effective ways for services and service systems to promote resilience, prevent intergenerational transmission of trauma, and provide pathways to healing and recovery tailored to social context.

Our four priority areas

Priority 1: Impact of intergenerational trauma and family violence

Priority 2: Trauma-informed approaches to care

Priority 3: Resilience and prevention

Priority 4: Healing and recovery from complex trauma

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