Our vision is to reduce the personal and societal burden of food allergy, through improving management and developing cures.

Food allergy is one of the most common chronic conditions affecting children in Westernised countries, with rates having increased exponentially in recent decades. Allergist Immunologist and Clinician Researcher, Professor Mimi Tang, who brings clinical and laboratory-based expertise leads our group.

The group members bring broad experience in:

  • clinical, basic immunology and patient important outcomes research,
  • commercialisation expertise to conduct high-quality multi-centre randomized controlled clinical trials evaluating novel interventions for the treatment of food allergies,
  • investigating immunological mechanisms underlying allergy vs tolerance to inform the development of innovative next generation treatments, and
  • development support tools that can be rapidly implemented to keep children with food allergy safe.

The Group also collaborates on randomised trials evaluating prevention strategies (VITALITY, PEBBLES) and longitudinal cohort studies investigating risk factors for food allergy and other allergic disorders (Barwon Infant Study, HealthNuts, SchoolNuts, EarlyNuts) to facilitate the identification of novel prevention strategies.