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Research project

Childhood food allergy has become a major public health problem. Concern over the rapidly rising incidence of food allergy is magnified by the extremely rare but devastating consequences of sudden death in a healthy child.

The HealthNuts study of 5,300 children is the world's first comprehensive population-based study of food allergy with objective measurement of true food allergy. It will enable us to better understand the natural history of allergic disorders including food allergy, asthma, eczema and hay fever and the risk factors for developing these conditions in childhood. The study will have important implications for clinical guidelines and public health policy.

Age 4 year old phase

As children turned four years of age, we asked parents to fill out a short questionnaire, and any HealthNuts children we'd seen previously or those who reported a new food allergy were invited to the RCH for further allergy testing.

Age 6 year old phase

As children turn six years of age, we contacted parents again to fill out a short questionnaire, and ALL HealthNuts children were invited to have a free allergy health check.

Age 10 year old phase

Our participants are now starting to turn 10 years old. We are excited to announce that we have been awarded funding to again follow up children at 10 years of age. Parents are being asked to fill out a short questionnaire and ALL HealthNuts children are again being invited to have a free allergy health check.

This research is funded by

  • National Health & Medical Research Council
  • Ilhan Food Allergy Foundation
  • AnaphylaxiStop
  • Australian Egg Corporation Pty.
  • ALK Abello, S.A. Madrid, España
  • US Department of Defense
  • The Kimberley Foundation