Prota Therapeutics, a newly established Australian company, is developing MCRI's patented probiotic immunotherapy for treating food allergies.

You can visit Prota Therapeutics's website to learn more.

Prota Therapeutics is commercialising a world first peanut allergy treatment using probiotics developed by Professor Mimi Tang at the MCRI.

Venture capital firm, OneVentures has invested a $15M Series A commitment in Prota Therapeutics. The company is also the first recipient of funding from the federal government's Biomedical Translation Fund, receiving $5 million.

Prof Tang's initial randomised trial of 62 children with peanut allergy showed that after taking the treatment for 18 months, 82 per cent had remission of their peanut allergy and were able to incorporate peanut freely into their diet.

The funding will allow Prota Therapeutics to build on this initial trial by completing a larger multicentre randomised trial involving 200 children across three centres in Australia.