The Genetic Support Network Victoria (GSNV) is a vibrant and active group committed to promoting the interests and well-being of people affected by genetic and rare conditions in Victoria. 

genetic support network logoMurdoch Children's Research Institute is a proud supporter of the GSNV, along with the Department of Health Victoria and Victorian Clinical Genetics Services. The GSNV was set up in 1997 as part of a broader understanding of genetic health and the need to bring clinical and support services together.

The role of the GSNV is to facilitate a fully supportive, ongoing and enduring relationship with families and individuals who are having investigations into a genetic diagnosis, or who have had a genetic diagnosis.  At the pre-conception, prenatal, neonatal, paediatric, adolescent and adult stages, patients/clients may have concerns and questions they wish to ask outside of the regular clinical genetics service.  The GSNV is uniquely positioned to draw together various types of information, service providers and support group contacts to provide timely responses to requests for further support.

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