The Genomics Revolution in Health

Genomics is revolutionising the way we predict, diagnose, and treat health conditions across our lifecycles. This revolution will completely transform healthcare in the coming years.

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About the Centre of Population Genomics

Launched in 2020, the Centre for Population Genomics (CPG) is a partnership between two leading global institutes in genomics headquartered in Australia: the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne; and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney.

Led by Professor Daniel MacArthur, CPG will advance genomic medicine by establishing a critical mass of expertise in massive-scale genomics, developing population genomics tools and resources, and carrying out transformative scientific projects in three key areas: Genetic Diversity, Rare Disease and Gene Function.

  • Genetic Diversity: discovering the full range of genetic variations present in Australian communities; providing long-term impact on equitable genomic medicine.
  • Rare Disease: building and deploying tools for the diagnosis of rare genetic disorders; delivering major immediate clinical impact.
  • Gene Function: bringing genetic data together with clinical and genomic data sets to understand the impact of variation on gene function and human health; creating both immediate scientific impact and long-term impact on therapeutic development. 

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