Joe Axiak, middle, with brother Andy, left.Joe Axiak, middle, with brother Andy, left.Joe Axiak will forever be remembered as a hard-working cattle farmer from Dunedoo, NSW, and for making an enormous difference to children’s lives across the country.

After a lifetime on the land, when Joe died at the age of 78, he left his entire estate to help sick children. His significant gift is now helping our researchers find new preventions, treatments and cures for many childhood conditions.

Joe and his brother Andy spent their lives working on the family property and were well known throughout the district for their farming expertise. They kept to themselves and led a frugal life, only needing each other, trusted friends, and their beloved animals.

After Andy died suddenly in 2017, life was never the same for Joe. His health began to deteriorate, and it was during this time he decided to write his Will and include a bequest for MCRI. While Joe did not have a family of his own, he always had empathy for children and wanted to give them the opportunity of a better, healthier and happier life. 

Joe will never be forgotten at MCRI. His story will continue through our life-changing research projects and the children who have their whole lives ahead of them thanks to his kindness.

We receive all types of bequests from generous, everyday Australians and are grateful for every single one.

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