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The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute has today launched a range of six Sleep with Kip children’s storybooks designed to teach children to go to sleep, stay asleep all night and wake at a reasonable hour. You can almost hear the collective sigh of relief from parents all over the world.

Led by clinical Professor Harriet Hiscock and her team, the stories in the Sleep with Kip books are based on clinical trials that have improved sleeping patterns in over 75 percent of the families that participated.

Incorporating over 20 years of infant and child sleep research, the books were written especially for Australian families struggling with at least one behavioural sleep issue. While 30 percent of Australian families report a sleep problem with their child, just about every parent can relate to their kids having trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep or waking early.

Designed to help children from three to eight years, the Sleep with Kip storybooks aims to overcome common sleep problems such as going to sleep, maintaining sleep throughout the night and early morning waking. Common behavioural sleeping disorders such as Sleep Onset Association Disorder, Limit Setting Disorder, Delayed Sleep Phase, Primary Insomnia, Restless Leg Syndrome and Child Anxiety are all addressed in the story books.

Watch Professor Harriet Hiscock explain the concept.

For parents currently experiencing a sleep problem, the 90-second ‘screener’ on the Sleep with Kip website can help identify their child’s specific sleep issue and will help determine which Sleep with Kip book can help. Professor Hiscock believes the Sleep with Kip books can assist every family, not just those currently experiencing sleep problems. “Kip teaches sleep hygiene skills that can help us all get a better night’s sleep”.

“We’ve been treating families with behavioural sleep issues for decades and know just how exhausting and depleting it can be for the entire family when sleep is difficult,” explains Professor Hiscock.

“We have a thorough understanding of the treatments and strategies that work and are excited that Australian families and other health professionals will have access to our knowledge and solutions through these fun bedtime books.”

The Kip character resembles a purple pillow. Kip is the mascot for the series, which includes the titles: A Beach in the Bedroom, Pick Your Own Nose, Marshmallow Puffins at the Window, Slug Dad and Monster Mum, Has Dad Joined the Circus? and The Old Bedtime Pass Puncher.


Image from the bookHas Dad Joined the Circus tackles the issue of kids finding it difficult to fall asleep on their own without mum or dad close by. The book aims to teach children that they safe even if their parents are somewhere else in the house. Viet, a young boy, starts to panic when his dad leaves his room before he is asleep. Kip pops up and also panics and suggests some outrageous scenarios…”He could be in Paris eating croissants”…” He could have launched himself into space by accident, and is now stuck on the moon with all the other astronauts”.. Viet counters all the ideas and calms Kip down…”My dad is fine. He’s just downstairs. He’s not far away and he can hear me just fine.”

The Sleep with Kip books can be purchased individually or in a pack from the Sleep with Kip website store for $14.99. They will also be available via libraries across Australia and can currently be digitally accessed freely via Story Box Library, Australia’s favourite online kids’ library, which has brought the Sleep with Kip series, with carefully curated storytellers, to life. This is a great way to trial the books at no cost before purchasing.

Part of the proceeds from book sales will continue to fund the Murdoch Children's research programs. 

A good night’s sleep is finally within reach.

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Professor Harriet Hiscock
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Sleep statistics:

Up to 30% of Australian parents report problems with their child's sleep in typically developing children, rising to 50-70% in children with ADHD or autism.

Behavioural sleep problems are far more common than medical sleep problems, with the most common problems being difficulties settling to sleep and frequent night waking.

Research links:

Professor Harriet HiscockProfessor Harriet Hiscock is a paediatrician and researcher with 20 years of experience in developing, trialling and translating interventions to reduce the burden of common, high-impact childhood conditions. Her work focuses on sleep and mental health problems, for which she has received state and national awards. Key contributions include leadership of 15 trials in sleep in infants and school-aged children and in mental health with effective interventions purchased by international governments, rolled out across child health workforces, and informing content of evidence-based websites, including the Raising Children Network website (Australia and Singapore; > 1 million downloads per month) and KidsHealth New Zealand.  Her Infant Sleep program - which effectively reduced both infant sleep problems and postnatal depression in a world first translational trial - received the 2010 Early Years Minister's Award for Partnerships with Families and Communities, is embedded in the Maternal and Child Health nursing curriculum and is available via the Victorian Maternal and Child Health nurse app, reaching 70,000 new parents per annum. Her award-winning online training program in infant sleep has been completed by > 1000 health professionals across the world. She is a co-presenter on MCRI's Sleep podcast and has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers and received over $50M in grant funding. 

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Sleep with kip books

Sleep with kip books

Sleep with kip books