iPSC Derivation and Gene Editing Facility

Our first class facility provides stem cell derivation and gene-editing services to researchers worldwide.

About us

This facility brings together a team of highly experienced stem cell and molecular biologists with over 40 years of combined experience to generate standard and gene-edited iPSC lines in feeder-free and chemically defined medium in a manner that is both rapid and cost-effective.

A unique feature of our core is the implementation of a streamlined one-step gene-editing/reprogramming protocol that utilises episomal reprogramming vectors and the Cas9/CRISPR gene-editing system to facilitate the rapid and efficient generation of clonally derived gene-edited iPSC lines from primary fibroblasts or blood.

We also have the capacity to perform gene-editing in already existing human pluripotent stem cell lines as well as the generation of lineage-specific reporter lines. 

Upon initial contact, we liaise with customers to devise the ideal strategy for achieving a successful gene-editing outcome based upon the ever-expanding number of gene-editing tools available including: 

  • SpCas9
  • Cas12
  • ABE and CBE Base Editing
  • Prime Editing

The iPSC Derivation & Gene Editing Core also offers other key services such as teratoma assays, MEF production, and customised training. 

Order form

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Contact us

For more information, please contact us:

Phone: +61 3 9936 6456 or  +61 3 9936 6164

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