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About the 2000 Stories team

Principal Investigator

Professor George Patton

Group Leader Adolescents
Director of Adolescent Health Research

George has been extensively involved in child and adolescent mental health research. Apart from being the group leader in ’The Victorian Adolescent Health Cohort Study’, George has also been involved in large community surveys of adolescent health and was involved in one of the first global studies of mortality, disease burden and mental health risk for adolescents.

Areas of interest: Addiction, Anxiety, Behavioural Genetics, Depression, Eating Disorders, Mental Health, Obesity, Mental Disorders, Adolescence


Project Manager

Rianna Chapman

Rianna Chapman Project Manager

Rianna is the Project Manager for 2000 Stories. Rianna started working with 2000 Stories in 2016, prior to which she had a wide variety of roles in children and adolescent research, including project and data management. With a background in psychology, Rianna has a particular interest in research methodology and producing high quality research to inform positive outcomes and policy change in child and adolescent mental health.



Research Fellow

Elizabeth Spry


Liz is an investigator with 2000 Stories and currently manages the study publication straegy, data team and research collaborations. Liz has been working with the study since 2009, managing the tenth wave of interviews with our original participants in their mid-thirties and the perinatal phase of our intergenerational study. She is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of children and their parents, with a special interest in understanding the intergenerational cycles of health. She is also undertaking her PhD, investigating the associations between maternal mental health and infant health and wellbeing. 


Data Manager

Stephanie Aarsman


Steph started working with 2000 Stories as a Data Manager in February 2018. She is currently completing a Master of Biostatistics at the Univesity of Melbourne. She is particularly interested in learning about methods  involved in analysing longitudinal data. She also is passionate about childhood and adolescent development.




Data Collection Coordinator - Victorian Intergenertional Health Cohort Study 

Caroline Murphy


Caroline has worked with 2000 Stories as a project assistant since 2015, focusing currently on participant contact. Caroline has completed a Masters in Educational Psychology and a PhD in psychology and has worked in various research roles since graduating. Caroline has worked with infants, children and families within a number of different research projects. Her areas of interests include early intervention and child development.    



Data Collection Coordinator – Victorian Adolescent Health Cohort Study

Aaron Miatke


Aaron has worked with 2000 stories since February 2019. He has a bachelor of human movement, and bachelor of health science (Honours). His previous research experience has been centred on physical activity, biomechanics and anthropometry. Aaron has an interest in time use and its relationship with health outcomes, as well as modifiable risk factors of non-communicable diseases.



Tracing Coordinator

Maxine Gross


Maxine works as the VAHCS Tracing Coordinator, but has also enjoyed helping out with the 8-year follow-up study as a project assistant. Maxine joined the 2000 Stories team in 2018 as a volunteer while undertaking her Masters of Public Health at Melbourne University. She has an interest in developmental psychology, longitudinal studies, epidemiology and population mental health.



Courtney O'Brien

Courtney joined the 2000 Stories team in July 2020 to assist with tracing, which she is experienced in from her time working on the International Youth Development Study (IYDS). She completed her Honours in psychology in 2019 and has also previously worked on the Minds@Play study at the University of Melbourne, as well as assisting other projects like Mental Health in Primary Schools and Be You. Courtney is particularly passionate about developmental psychology, neurodevelopmental disorders and mental health in young people, and is excited by the insight longitudinal research can bring to these areas. 



Hanafi Husin


Hanafi joined the 2000 Stories team as a biostatistician in February 2020. He is also involved in another longitudinal study, The Childhood to Adolescence Transition Study (CATS). He has completed a Masters of Biostatistics from the University of Melbourne. He is interested in causal inference methods and analysis of longitudinal data.



Administration Assistant

Carrie Dorian

Carrie is the Administration Assistant for 2000 Stories. Carrie joined the team in January 2020, and brings with her vast administration experience gained through various roles in corporate industry. She completed her Bachelor of Psychological Sciences degree in October 2019, and will undertake her Honours year in 2020



Project Assistants

Clare Noonan

Clare joined the 2000 stories team in 2019 as a project assistant. She has completed a Masters in Clinical Psychology and will be working as a general psychologist from 2020. Clare has a passion for working with infants, children, adolescents, and families. She has a particular interest in infant mental health, as well as understanding intergenerational patterns of mental health and wellbeing.



Esther Laurance

Esther began working with the 2000 Stories team in 2019. Previously she has worked across a variety of social research projects including population health, rehabilitation, healthcare provider experiences and mental health. She has a Master of Criminology and a particularly interest in research methods. Esther is passionate about being part of the research process that informs prevention programs and policy change.



Kumar Sivakumaran

Kumar joined the 2000 stories team in late 2019 as a project assistant. Prior to this, Kumar has been involved in a number of other longitudinal studies, including the International Youth Development Study (IYDS), and the Young People Our Future study (YPOF). He is currently completing his Honours in Psychology at The University of Melbourne. His research interests include personality disorders, and the neurobiological underpinnings of mental health. 



Sean McWhirter

Prior to joining the 2000 Stories team in 2019, Sean has worked on a range of government research projects in population health, higher education, and early childhood development. While completing his honours year in psychology, he worked with the Child Neuropsychology group at MCRI as a volunteer research assistant for the Take CARe study. Sean has a passion for interview-based research, with key interests in men's health, psychological disorders, and the biopsychosocial model of health.


Nick McPhate

Our newest member of the 2000 Stories Team. Prior to joining in 2020, Nick has been a part of a variety of projects across the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute centred around food allergy. Nick has completed his Master’s Degree in Dietetics and is particularly interested in how early life behaviours effect mental health, and in particular how this can impact on the relationship that we hold with food and health.



Research Administrator

Charmaine Sambathkumar








The 2000 Stories team invites selected undergraduate and postgraduate students studying in relevant fields, such as social work and psychology, to be part of the study. Students are recruited from a range of universities across Melbourne, including the University of Melbourne, Deakin University and RMIT University.  Please contact the Project Manager, Rianna Chapman, to express interest in these opportunities:


2000 Stories Investigators and Collaborators

Chief Investigators

Professor George Patton
Professor Craig Olsson 
Elizabeth Spry
Professor John Carlin
Doctor Margarita Moreno-Betancur
Professor Peter Butterworth 
Professor Wayne Hall
Doctor Rohan Borschmann
Doctor Julie Moschion 
Professor Paul Moran 
Doctor Gabrielle Campbell
Professor Louise Howard

Associate Investigators

Associate Professor Adrian Kelly 
Professor Alison Venn
Professor Andrew Chanen 
Andrew Mackinnon
Carolyn Coffey
Doctor Gary Chan
Doctor Emily Stockings
Associate Professor Gehan Roberts
Professor Jeremy Oats
Professor Louisa Degenhardt
Professor Melissa Wake
Professor Stephanie Brown