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Biomarker discovery, verification, and validation for early sepsis diagnosis and risk stratification in children.

Diagnosing sepsis early is challenging for clinicians because its symptoms are non-specific and often overlap with those of other mild, self-limiting infections.

Current diagnostic criteria for sepsis in children perform poorly, causing clinicians to rely on their own experience and judgement to diagnose sepsis. Clinicians must balance the risk of over-treatment, unnecessary hospitalisation, and overuse of broad-spectrum antibiotics with the risk of delayed treatment, which is a known contributor to poor outcomes and death from sepsis.

The lack of clear diagnostic criteria also results in variable estimates of sepsis prevalence, severity, outcomes and cost, plus difficulty benchmarking care and inconsistent enrolment strategies for clinical trials.

The Biomarkers in Sepsis (BASIS) study will identify new biomarkers (protein and mRNA) for early sepsis diagnosis and risk stratification in children. These will have the potential to save lives through commercialisation into point-of-care tests.

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