Developmental Insult and Intervention

Research area:  Brain and mind

To enhance the understanding of how an injury to a child’s brain can impact cognitive, behavioural, and social development.

A developmental insult is when normal brain development is interrupted. This could occur through an injury such as a traumatic brain injury or stroke, or could be because of other causes such as epilepsy, exposure to medication prenatally or a genetic disorder. Early childhood is a time of intense brain and skill development. If brain development is interrupted it can have a long-term impact on function, with young children often particularly vulnerable to poor outcomes.

We focus our research on the outcomes of these insults in cognitive, behavioural, and social areas. We also focus research on the benefits of intervention for children following developmental insult. 

The goal of our team is to enhance the understanding of how an insult can influence development in early childhood and the vulnerabilities of young children. Additionally, we are focused on tailoring and administering interventions for young children with brain injuries and insults.