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Research project

PEAChY-M: Pharmacological Emergency Management of Agitation in Children and Young People – A Randomised Controlled Trial of IntraMuscular Medication

This study is now recruiting

About PEAChY-M

The goal of PEAChY-M is to determine whether IM olanzapine is more effective than IM droperidol for the management of acute severe behavioural disturbance (ASBD) in children and adolescents presenting to Emergency Departments (EDs). Both medications are currently commonly used to manage ASBD, but we do not yet know which is more effective for use in the paediatric population. PEAChY-M is a pragmatic clinical trial, which means that the study conditions mimic “real life” as much as possible with simple inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria, and very few elements of care that are different to current Australia-wide practice guidelines. PEAChY-M will enrol 348 children with ASBD in 7 paediatric EDs around Australia.

Study Population

PEAChY-M will enrol children from 9 years to less than 18 years of age with ASBD during an ED visit at a study site. Children will be determined to have ASBD by the ED doctor and will subsequently be offered one of the study medications if all other attempts to calm the child are unsuccessful. The study will include children who have no medical conditions, as well as children with known mental health conditions.

Our Team

Principal Investigator: Dr Elyssia Bourke (PhD Candidate)
Chief Investigator: Professor Franz Babl
Study Coordinator: Kate Klein